Another View at Whipsaw Flat

Thanks to all for your recent comments on my last. This was taken ten minutes after the other, guessing around sunrise. @Hank_Pennington mentioned that he couldn’t see the Manti La Sal in the other, but the range is a little more visible here. Shot from a similar vantage point as last but at longer focal length. This is full width cropped to 3:2 from 4/3rds original. In post I tweaked a bit in shadow/highlight, some contrast and color balance to tame the cyan a little. As always any suggestions are welcome.

E-3 Zuiko 50 F2 on tripod, ISO 100 f4

You may only download this image to demonstrate post-processing techniques.

Great wide open spaces. I might boost the luminosity of the valley, but that is very much a personal preference. I like it.

Bill, this is another fine look across a fascinating landscape. It’s quite amazing how different the feeling is that your two views create. This one has notably more drama with the various ridges in the mid-ground. While it’s a tough choice, I like this view a bit more.

There they are! :smile: Even without my personal connection to them, the addition to the tiny LaSals carries my eyes further into the landscape and adds “scale” to everything else. The small change in the foreground somehow makes it more compelling too, the details somehow inviting me to start hiking down the valley. Of course, I love hiking this country in the first place!

I like the way the two formations on the right pull my eye into the image, Bill. Beautiful work.

This one has a few more interesting formations and you can see the distant mountains so I think I like it a little better than your first one. Nice shot, Bill!

So little to see and yet so much, Bill ! Wonderful sweep of landscape and a superb, delicate tonality.