First Light at Whipsaw Flat

This is an area a few miles north of Moab just south of Sego Canyon. Taken in early May 2010 a few minutes before sunrise. From the ridge I was on afforded a nice open view of the area looking southward toward Moab. The Manti La Sal mountains are just barely visible in the distance. Full width cropped from 4/3rds original. I had considered cropping more off the bottom, but I tend to prefer the subtle topography and details.
As always, I’m open to any suggestions.

Olympus E-3, Zuiko 11-22 @14 on tripod, ISO 100 +1/3EV

A really nicely understated image. I love the soft colors and mood. Very well done.

Beautiful soft colors. I like the detail and textures on the bottom, also.

Bill, very nice view from this vantage point. I really like the depth and processing treatment to bring out that depth as well as the terrain textures…excellent…:+1:

This is a lovely expansive view, Bill. The color gradation in the sky is fantastic. Great job on this.

Really nice photo. Fabulous photo as is. But, to pop or not to pop, that is always the question. Just to be contrarian, I added some subtle pop: curves layer just the sky, Multiply at 13%, separate curve for the bottom, Normal mode, just the midtones. I like them both.

I have to say Bill, it seems underwhelming at first, but the more I looked, the more I like.
You have a lot of depth and beautiful pastels.
Sharp head to toe.
Nice work.

I love that area and your treatment of it Bill, but you have me cursing my laptop. For decades we’ve owned a place in Colorado near and directly behind the LaSals and greatly appreciate their presence in the background of landscapes from the whole Moab/Monticello/Blanding/Bluff corridor.

I simply can’t pick out the LaSals in your background, though. Certainly a criticism of my machine and not your processing.

@Harley_Goldman, @Bonnie_Lampley, @Ed_Lowe, @Paul_Breitkreuz and @Dan_Kearl, thanks to all for the comments and suggestions. @Tony_Siciliano, I should take a look at doing some curves adjustments or other such. I have recently gotten @Tony_Kuyper masks, but I’m only learning at this point. @Hank_Pennington, I must admit it’s not your laptop at all. The La Sals are very hard to see, so much so that I was reluctant to even mention it. If you follow the valley out they are just BARELY visible in the left third. As others have mentioned, it’s a bit understated, so maybe it’s worthwhile to do some tweaking. I know next to nothing about using Tony’s masks, so this gives me incentive to practice a little. Thanks again.

This looks great, Bill. I really like how the colors in the land change slowly throughout the view. The valley makes a fine line leading back to the various buttes in the distance. Cropping this to a pano, would make a very different, but also interesting view. The gentle predawn colors in the sky are a fine addition.

I’m coming at these late and backwards, Bill. While this is a pleasant view, I much prefer your second post.

Definitely wide open spaces, Bill. I really like the colors in the hazy sky and the valley carries you away and provides a strong sense of depth and distance.