Long View

Sony A77II
Sony 70-400G @ 140mm
ISO 400, 1/60 @ f8
Hidden Lake Overlook, Glacier NP
On our last day in Glacier we hiked up to the Hidden Lake overlook. It was cold and windy and Chrissy eventually abandoned me and went back to the visitor center. Just after she left the sun started peeking through the clouds and lighting up the distant slopes. Folks couldn’t figure what I was shooting with the big lens, expecting a mountain goat or some other distant critter but when I showed them the viewing screen they were amazed. This was my favorite of the bunch. All comments welcome. >=))>


The title really matches your image Bill! Great one. I like the hazy look increasing into the background. Really depicting layers here!

I like the light a lot in this one Bill. A very minimalist photo but lots to explore among the layers. Was it Ansel Adams who said “Be there”, and you were!

i like the way you weave my eye up through the textures, colors, and light…very compelling.

Bill, I’ve been to Hidden lake and I don’t remember seeing anything like this…shows how we all have different vision. This is great. A fine view with the distant ridges catching some sun even as they start to fade into the distance. This also shows the value in being weather aware and being patient as it evolves.

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Very interesting and beautiful Bill! Is that a fire scare on the mid-ground mountain slopes? The lighting and color on the background just add some great magic to this scene!

I love all the layers and triangles, Bill, and having the image get lighter with distance really draws the eye into it.