Anthurium ala Mapplethorpe

Sort of my Robert Mapplethorpe tribute although this a stack with natural light taken
in a garden store.
105mm, 6 image stack at f3.5
A tiny bit of PS oil paint used.
Any comments appreciated.

You may only download this image to demonstrate post-processing techniques.

I like the composition, Dan, but there seem to a lot of stacking artifacts on the right side of the leaf. The blak and white presentation works well.

Interesting how the character of a flower changes when you remove the color. This works very well for me as it is.

Interesting perspective! It is somewhere between a color and b&w. The many dirt specks could be removed. Would also like to see it as a b&w with the whites brilliant and not a silver grey.

From what I have seen of Mapplethorpe’s work, his metier seemed to be black and white. In that respect, this might be said to be a tribute, but it might be more of one if, as Patricia opined, there was a broader spread of white (or silver if you will). Other than that, I like this as is.