Antipodean winter

Where I live in Australia we don’t get much snow in winter. This scene was shot on the Pieman River in Tasmania on a particularly frosty (by Antipodean standards) and foggy morning in June 2021.

Specific Feedback and Self-Critique

Does the image convey a wintry atmosphere despite the absence of snow? Any tips or suggestions for improvement would be most welcome.

Technical Details


Well it doesn’t look particularly warm so I’d say it does have a winter vibe. It’s -5 F where I am right now and there is mist over the river which is just very slightly frozen and since you have something similar going, I think this reinforces that idea. I like the V in the center, but wonder if you could pull the blacks down even more. I like the detail in the trees, but would clone out some bits on the water surface. Quite inviting for those of us who like winter!

I think this is lovely!! Such a nice layer of fog reaching over the trees toward the mist on the water. I live in a similar climate, north of San Francisco, where winter is the wet season and there are some trees that don’t shed leaves.

I think a subtle gradient burn from the bottom might be interesting to compare – maybe angled slightly from the left. There is more negative space at the bottom than in the sky and that sort of pulls my eye.

Couldn’t resist playing with it, and gave into the urge to bring out more detail in the highlights – probably could have done it more subtly but this shows the idea anyway. I never know how far to go with things like that.

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Alan, I think this could easily be called a winter image. I can tell that there’s frost in those trees. I like your composition very much. I think the tweaks that @Diane_Miller made really added some nice contrast to the bottom water and fog clouds. I couldn’t help playing around with this image too. I used a curves adjustment and lighten the lights and darkened the darks just a little to give it even more contrast. Very nice image.

Thank you for the feedback, @Kris_Smith , @Donna_Callais and @Diane_Miller. I will definitely give your suggestions a go. Cheers, Alan