Early winter in northern Norway

Image: Beautiful foggy morning frost just as the sun rises


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Jorma, this is an outstanding view of a heavily frosted world. I am interested by the magenta patch in the grass. Is that a flare artifact?

What a nice image of frosted trees. I love when our trees get frosted here in the NE. It’s like being in a fairy land. I also like the tall frosted grass. It adds a lot of interest to the image. I think that magenta patch of grass is a bit distracting though. I’m not sure I know where it’s coming from. I like the glow that’s coming in over the water, but I think it feels slightly over bright. I would just bring that down a little and darken those branches of the tree where the glow shines through them to match the darkness of the branches around them. Nicely seen, Jorma.

Thanks Donna and Mark. I had to check the original and there is a pink area like that. I didn’t want to take it off because it arouses discussions. This picture also looks a bit too light, but that’s probably due to the transfer of the picture.

That’s gorgeous. I love your alternative to snow. The texture of the frost and calm colors are really nice. I did notice the pink spot as well.

We have hardly had any snow here until this challenge - now it has snowed twice. :joy: I think your snowless winter has been much nicer looking than our brown/green grass, however.

The frost really makes this image. I like the overall lightness–to me it helps emphasize the cool/white colors.

It is a beautiful peaceful scene full of charm. I like the composition very much and the diagonal leading shoreline of the lake. Beautiful soft textures with a dreamy mood. I thought the light was a bit too bright, I just read your comment about it. I would probably prefer toning down the magenta patch in the R side of the foreground, some hue of it but not too obvious. Lovely.

This is gorgeous!!!

Beautiful . Like the surreal feeling of the trees and colours

Your image caught my eye. At first I thought it was an infrared image because of the white and blue, which is striking. I guess I would also agree with the others who have mentioned the little patch of grass that seems to have a pink hue, but I don’t think it is too light. Often when I do winter shots, I even use a slight highlight vignette to make the scene feel even colder. I like the smoothness of the water and sky because it accentuates the structure of the trees in the foreground. The trees also provide a frame for the more distance land jetting out into the water. Nicely done.