A winter scene



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Hi Jorma. I love those colours and the light touching the top of the hills. I think the long crop works well but it would have been nice to have a bit more space at the top of the trees. I would clone out the shorter dark spot, just above the shoreline on the left. Beautiful image.

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I love how the shimmering clouds and water to the right balance the trees to the left. It would be interesting to know the technical details, if you could give them please!

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Thanks Andre. This was shot in the dark of November, just when the sun goes to rest for a couple of months. Yes, you’re right that the picture is a bit tight just from the top. I have different versions of it and this one happened to be a bit cramped.

Thanks Mike for nice feedback! Often such “special” compositions are left unshot because the head is empty and you don’t understand how to shoot them, but do something irrelevant. Fortunately, every now and then a little spark in your head tells you what to do

Canon Eos 5D mk4 / EF 16-35/4 f9 / 1/40sec / Iso 250

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