This is another one from my trip to the beach. I started to get the timing down a bit more as the week went on. I went out 3 times with the intention of trying to capture some waves in this fashion. I hope to get some bigger waves when I go to the coast this summer, I’m interested to see how this works with a bit more action in the ocean. The gulf can be rather calm unless there is a storm to kick something up. This one grabbed my attention because of the prominent wave and the inclusion of both the retreating water and some ripples near the edge of the frame. I wish I had a bit more below them to give them some space, but I don’t think it ruins the image…maybe I’m wrong.

Specific Feedback Requested:

Always love to hear thoughts on the processing with these. Composition is a bit of a different animal with this but the processing can get away from me quickly because of balancing/creating contrast which has lead to over saturation in some of these.

Pertinent technical details or techniques:

ISO 400 / f13 / 1/4 sec 100 mm Shot by panning with the wave for some “freeze” & ICM
Is this a composite?

**Side note…My images don’t appear to show up very high res when clicked on. I’m following the 1500 pixel width but they don’t look great. Am I missing something? I just clicked on two others and they looked even better full screen than they did in the small version. Mine on the other hand…not so much.

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Gorgeous, David, sunset. The colors certainly reflect a beautiful evening. For me at least, the wave and the ripples work well together in showing the tide activity. As far as process “balancing, contract and oversaturation” issues, again at least for me, the post processing is such an individual decision. Part of the artistic intent of the photo. Since this is a “soft” image, it looks fine to me when I enlarge it. Perhaps others have more supplicated monitors to help with that question. Very nicely seen.

@linda_mellor Thank you, it was a fun experience for sure! I appreciate your thoughts on the ripples/wave. I’m trying to get a better handle with all my images to create some more consistency, ultimately to close the variation from not processed enough to processed too much…if that makes sense. Essentially, I hope processing isn’t the reason my images “miss” so to speak. Thanks again!

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Dave, this is very restful and pleasing. You’ve got a good mix of colors and movement, but it still feels real.