Approaching Storm

This is one from Utah in 2015. A month or two back, I re-tweaked it a bit.

D810, 702-200mm

Harley, an excellent scene here. Love the extreme contrasts between the bight warm terrain and the foreboding darkening sky…:+1:
Can’t see any need for additional tweaking at all…:thinking:

Beautiful light on these autumn alders. In the sky has a lot of very interesting color and texture. Very nice contrast between the foreground and the background.

Gorgeous, Harley. I love the prestorm light and the way it works with the grass and trees. Also a great job making that sky look absolutely frightful.

Harley, the lighting is spectacular with the warm glowing foreground and trees against the dark mountains and a nicely brooding sky.


The contrast here is just awesome! Love these lighting conditions. No nits or suggestions.


This is wonderful, and very dramatic, Harley. This kind of light is my favorite. You did a great job on this. No nits or suggestions.

Nice! This is a very evocative scene, Harley. You have the ominous foreboding sky along with the light filled landscape. Beautifully done.