Argiope Black and Yellow Spider with Prey

It was hard to get both the predator and prey in one frame as there were some stems to the left of the prey, so it is a little tight. The space around the web was also very tight for me to work with.

Specific Feedback Requested


Technical Details

Canon R6 + 180/3.5 + Tripod
f/8, 1/320, ISO 1000
15 stacked images assembled in Zerene Stacker
Canon DPP4 for Raw conversion, PSCC


Great capture and the framing looks really good. The details are amazing. Great photo Ravi

Ravi, you did a great job capturing both. Wonderful details in both as well. Yes, one could wish it had a little more room, but nature doesn’t always provide perfect settings. I love the dew drops on the web and subjects. That smooth BG makes all the important parts stand out. Great shot. I have yet to try stacking with my R5. Maybe one day.

What a great capture! Interesting from a nature standpoint and very artistic with the interesting web and dew – and perfect for stacking – well done!

Fantastic photo, Ravi. Amazing detail you’ve gotten, not only in the spider, but all those water droplets! Nicely done.