Around the Bend

Critique Style Requested: Standard

The photographer is looking for generalized feedback about the aesthetic and technical qualities of their image.


I was on a photography workshop in Maine recently and our guide suggested we work the scene to capture a photo of this path. One goal was to get as much in focus as possible.

Specific Feedback

Suggestions on editing would be greatly appreciated. I have some done editing already in Lightroom.

Technical Details

ISO 125 (shot on tripod)
3.0 sec

Jennifer, photo workshops are so much fun. You are lucky to be able to do one in Maine. I would very much like to walk down this trail. The S-curve of the path lined by the green moss and the vertical lines of the trees pointing to the path strengthen the composition. I see this as an exciting study of grays and greens. It looks like you focused on the large rocks on the trail. The foreground looks a little soft. I am no expert when it comes to hyperfocal calculations. I leave that to others to comment on.

You mention using Lightroom. Where would you do it if you plan on doing more editing.? Contrast and color balancing will help pop the colors that are a bit flat now. Brightening the greens should make a big difference. Another consideration is making the area at the end of the path lighter and brighter. The foreground should not be as bright, thus taking the eye to the point of interest.

Hi Jennifer,
I like where you were going with this graceful S curved path through the stand of evergreens. I think you succeeded in getting the path in focus. I hope you do not mind, but I did a little rework on this inviting scene. I brought the midtones up a little in levels and added a little contrast along with raising the brightness. Here is what I was thinking. Just my thoughts of course as this may not be your vision. What location in Maine was your workshop?

Thank you, Ed. I do like how yours is brighter. I think it also brings out the moss on the trees more. I appreciate you taking the time to help. The workshop was in Lubec, Maine,

Thank you for your comments, Barbara. I will take another look at this in Lightroom using the edits you suggested.

Jennifer, this is a very inviting S curve path. The portrait view does a good job of emphasizing the trees (and moss). It does feel both dark and somewhat lacking in contrast. In Lightroom, I’d suggest going to the “Curves” section, pulling up the middle of the “point” curve and then adding a modest “S” to the “Parametric” curve. This “should” brighten the image and then increase the contrast between the moss and the tree trunks.