The path

Critique Style Requested: Standard

The photographer is looking for generalized feedback about the aesthetic and technical qualities of their image.


A path to follow
Slightly bent trees at the edge
Get two muddy shoes

Technical Details

Nikon D850, F11, 1/5, iso 640, 24-7- at 58mm

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Another of your excellent moody nature shots, Ben - I love the way green dominates but doesn’t overpower the scene. I’d just remove that end of log on the left. Otherwise - love it!

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@Mike_Friel ,Mike , thank you for your comment.I have to agree with you about that log. My idea was it should help pointing the direction and therefore was not to distracting. I made a rework . I think I like both possibilities.

My rework

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You handled some difficult light adeptly. The composition is a little right side heavy with the green, but the pathway on the left compensates for that well.

Ben, the lighting here is handled very well. The overall scene is beggin me to walk down the path enjoying the spring day. Muddy shoes usually mean that you’ve got someplace to yourself.


Gorgeous Ben! Yet another image with the mastery of the light. I think the bonus here is the actual composition itself. While it does kinda come off as unbalanced - heavy to the right, I think this brings a unique and fresh look to the concept of “leading lines” or pulling the viewer in to the scene. Most predictably, those lead-in lines tend to be centered in a frame, drawing eye in directly down the middle. That is quite effective of course, but I’m really enjoying how the same concept of leading the view through the frame is present, yet the path is along the outside instead of down the middle. Honestly, I think that’s brilliant! (pun intended with the brillian lighting and glow.)

I agree about the log. Yeah, get the idea of directing the viewer down that path - but perhaps if the log was not sawed off and was literally more pointed and natural. I do prefer your edit with the log removed.

The only other suggestion I have would be to burn/desat slightly the moss in the LRC. Not a bid deal by any stretch, but my eye is pulled to that corner a bit. Very minor.

Gorgeous and glowing light. Beautifully seen and captured Ben.


Ben, you continue to amaze me with your compositional skill. This is a beautiful shot, and I like the rework. I think the deletion of the log really helps as (to me) it really drew my eye away from the true scene.

@Youssef_Ismail , @Mark_Seaver , @Bill_Chambers , @Lon_Overacker , @Mike_Friel.
@Youssef_Ismail ,Youssef ,That right side has for me a pulling effect. It pulls me in the same direction as the path. So for me it compensates for the path, the other way around. The beauty of interpretation I think.
@Mark_Seaver ,Mark,Those muddy shoes have a good story to tell !
@Bill_Chambers ,Bill, I think that log is what you feel by it. For everyone different.
@Lon_Overacker , Lon, From you I learn about how to see my image making , the interpretation . I do a lot by feel as you know. ( I think).