The road

Don’t know where to go
I take the road to lead me
Not too much thinking

Specific Feedback Requested

As always is all feedback more than welcome

Technical Details


Love the lovely soft lighting and quiet mood, Ben. Thanks for sharing with us.

This is right up there with your best, Ben. Outstanding image.

I agree with @linda_mellor @David_Bostock . Wonderful image. Any idea the age of the tree on right, front?

First off Ben, I love your haiku! I also think this is one of my top favorite of yours. The depth is incredible in that road and that tree on the rt. deserves a photo of it’s own. Love the misty lighting at the end of the road. Seems to be saying “Come with me”. The trees line up very well. The one thing I can’t make up my mind on is if the leaves at the top of the photo would have worked better if they were sharp. I seem to notice them more because they are blurred. Hard to tell. Blurred or not, this is a wonderful image.

Really nice, Ben. The curves in the road/path, the regular trees and the one with big burls. It’s all just fabulous.

Ben, I asked told you I’m a huge fan of the photograph/text combination and this one is another reason why. I love trees and the winding path between them leading into the depth of the image is great.
I understand what Donna is saying but I think why the foliage at the top is a bit distracting is because it’s too bright up there.
The way the eye works it would go to sharp first and blurred later. Also it goes to bright first, dark later.
I would darken this area a bit so the path is definitely the brightest to make the eye follow that. Maybe even a vignette would work.
A thoughtful, quiet photograph with a mood I really like. Heel mooi!

A very nice, gentle landscape image, Ben. And immediately to be recognized as one of yours.
If there is anything to comment, it would be that I would like to see a bit more sharpness in the nearby trees. The focus seems to be somewhere at the last beech tree at the right side of the path. I would like to see some more sharpness in the first 2 beautiful trees at the right side. It might possibly guide the eye even better through your image. Darkening the area that @holgermischke mentions can help as well.
Anyway, I like it a lot.

My first thought was, did he mean “Not too much thinking?” Then I thought about it some more and realized the haiku works well either way, to or too, with very different meanings; love that!

This is a wonderful composition that really drills the eye down the road. I’m a big fan of focus throughout, but here the softness does do a nice job of accentuating that “road to lead.”

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@Donna_Callais , @David_Bostock , @John_Williams , @Marylynne_Diggs, @holgermischke , @Han_Schutten , @Jim_Gavin , @linda_mellor , Thank you all for your time and comments,I did already darken the leaves at the top a bit. Now in my remake some more. Sharpness is for my a thing to work on. In this image I like it where it’s not that sharp, accidentally , for the atmosphere . @John_Williams , The to or too I have to work on. Thank’s John.

My Rework



Outstanding composition, especially all the placement of the trees. I particularly love that thick knotty tree on the right. My only critical comment is the slightly OOF leaves at the top of the frame.

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