Critique Style Requested: Standard

The photographer is looking for generalized feedback about the aesthetic and technical qualities of their image.


Young lead a way
While pointing the direction
Some old forest found

Technical Details

Nikon D850, F8, 1/5, iso 320, 24-70 at55mm


Really enjoying this one @Ben_van_der_Sande i knew it was yours without even reading a word. Then I read the poem and enjoyed it even more. That path, light, and fog just suck you right in! The trees in the edges frame things very nicely!

Enjoy it all!

Love this! This inspires me to photograph a scene this way. I tend to go darker, but have been wanting to experiment with a brighter edit like this.

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Another wonderful shot Ben! I love the bright light and how the trail in the woods leads me and my eye right towards it. The image is so full of freshness, youth (as you elude to), and hope and optimism. Super work with the image and of course the poem. :blush:

This is exquisite, Ben! The lighting is sublime and I love the haiku. It is perfect as it illustrates how the younger trees flanking both sides of the path lead the viewer into the more mature trees into the BG fog. I only have one small suggestion; and it certainly is not a deal breaker. If you have the chance to do this scene again I would stand a little bit to the right so that the one tree on the left does not intersect with the one behind it. This has a wonderful refreshing vibe that I find very inviting.

@Ed_Lowe , Thank’s Ed, what a reply. I am happy as the haikus do their job, telling the story . I was aware of that small tree.Maybe I can go back there later this year.

@Ed_Lowe , @Paul_Holdorf , @Tom_Nevesely , @David_Wallace , In my small photographic dip. I viewed my archive , there are always images at first not seen but later ,Yes! Thank you al for your nice comments.

This a brilliant image Ben. I love the light and fog and how it leads me down the path of new growth.

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I knew this was your image before opening this, Ben. It has that “Glow” that your images are famous for. They say when you’re passing that you see a bright light. It’s a bright light that beckons and calls to you. It’s a light so powerful that you don’t want to go back even if you could. This is what I want to see when I am dying and passing through to the afterlife.
This is very mysterious, but not in an ominous way. The light is soft yet powerful. The colors are subdued but just right. The framing leads you right where you want to go. I want to see what’s on the other side. This is a tremendous image, Ben.

This is a very spiritual image. In the Christian religion the Holy Spirit is often depicted this way. I believe that many scenes in art are influenced by this. I often like to do this as well. The interesting thing is the use of lime green color, something your image don’t often do. I think it works quite well. It’s an optimistic scene.

I think Igor hit it squarely - an optimistic scene for sure. Quite uplifting and positive. As in vibrations, positive (thank you Bob Marley). It’s the kind of image I would dearly like to make someday. Maybe I need to move to the Netherlands! I’ve visited, but obviously need to get out of the big city.

@David_Haynes , @Igor_Doncov , @_Kris , @Eva_McDermott ,
It’s great to see how you all interpret this image in a way I didn’t see myself . And like @David_Haynes recognize it as an image of me. And @Igor_Doncov who sees a spiritual image. It means a lot to my !!



Simply mesmerizing. I agree with Igor and would say that this is just oozing with symbolism; enlightening, inspring. So much can be taken away from this image - in fact it’s more than an image. And that is quite something to acheive. Your work with light is amazing.

Now there’s quite little that warrants any nitpicking here as this is outstanding as presented. But it does go along with my views on post processing/editing. It goes like this… with editing, you can make an average image better, you can make a good image great, and you can make an outstanding image spectacular… but you can’t make an average image spectacular… Anyway, yours is the latter case of making something outstanding even more spectacular. So I would make minor suggestion and clone out the small brown leaves near top left edge (indeed quite picky!) And then perhaps selectively lightening the darker tree trunk on the right; very subjective of course.

Love this one Ben! You are at one with the light…


It’s the deification of nature.

@Lon_Overacker , @Igor_Doncov , Lon and Igor I have no answer on your awesome observations , only silence.
Thank you both so much! :heart_eyes: