As promised: White Breasted Nuthatch

I meant to post this yesterday but pandemic brain freeze got the best of me and I posted a Pygmy Nuthatch instead… Taken in the hills above SanDiego.

Specific Feedback Requested

There is a tree shadow in the background

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
iso 1000, 400 plus 1.4x, f6.3, 2000th

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I love the classic nuthatch pose, David, and that’s a wonderful perch and background. Well done.

Nice capture. Classic Nuthatch pose. Very interesting lighting.

Bonus nuthatch - even better. What a classic and they never get old. Such happy seeming little birds with lively antics and behavior. A terrific catch of an appealing little critter.

Classic pose on an interesting perch. I love the way the OOF BG tree almost looks like a drop shadow.

The contrast feels high to me – I wonder about bringing out more shadow detail.