Asian Barred Owlet

A portrait of Asian Barred Owlet photographed in Kaziranga National Park (India).

Specific Feedback Requested

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
TechSpec: 1/100 sec, f/5.6, ISO-800


This is a beautiful image of this owl, Sandipan. The detail ia excellent with a nice perch and background. I think a crop to vertical would also work very well for this.

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Hi Dennis, Thanks for your comment. Appreciate it. I agree that vertical crop would have worked too, but the reason I chose a squarish crop was that I thought the OOF foliage at both sides was helping to frame the bird nicely and also providing some color contrast.

The green foliage does do a nice job of framing the bird, Sandipan. You might consider bringing the brightness of the green on the left down just a bit. To me it’s just bright enough to pull my eye a bit that way.

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Hi Dennis, Sure I will try that.

What a great looking Owl. The curved perch is really nice and for that reason, I would opt for your horizontal/square-ish crop rather than a vertical. I do find the greens a bit overpowering, and overall, there is a green color cast. Very noticeable in the branch, but it is also there on the owl,
Here’s a version with the greens toned down a bit, color cast worked, and a bit more light on the owl. Also a subtle custom vignette.


Hi Keith, That’s great. Thanks for your help and suggestions.

Oh my, what a beautiful Owl. And that’s a great capture with the branch and the blurred background. Well done.

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What a nice posed shot and perch. I don’t get to see many owls, I would desaturate the greens much more.

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Such a wonderful image. No suggestions concerning the owl because it is so well presented. Ido agree with de-saturating the green areas, and suggest removal of the narrow, dark area in the lower right corner.


Very compelling image with an excellent centered portrait view. The detail, pose, perch, and color of the owl are wonderful. I agree with Keith that the green in the original image was a little overwhelming. I like his crop in his removal of the greenish cast on the perch. The crop does a better job of emphasizing the owl.

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Great species and a very nice perch as well. Toning down the greens, as Keith did, makes it even better! Nice one ! Hans