Aspens in the Mist

I took this image on the last morning of my trip to Colorado last year. I haven’t had many opportunities to shoot in foggy conditions so this was very exciting for me.

Specific Feedback Requested

Is it too grey? Does it need to be cropped? Any feedback would be much appreciated.

Technical Details

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Very nice image for not having many opportunities with fog. I think the overall composition works. You could try cooling the white balance a bit, particularly in the highlights/fog. That’s something I typically try out on all my images with fog (I live in San Francisco so I’m spoiled with fog)–I find it helps convey a sense of coolness that I feel with fog. And it might help separate the fog a bit more from the trees that have some nice warm light. But it all depends on what you are trying to say with your image.

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Thanks for your feedback Dean, I appreciate it.

I think this is gorgeous! I love the bright area near the center that’s hugging the brightest trees. A view through fog/mist like this is rare and I think you’ve done very well with it. My only thoughts (not really critique, just idle thoughts) are to wonder about bringing the darkest tones just a little and trying to tease out the more hidden trees toward the UR a bit more.

I agree with the comments of @DeanRoyer and @Diane_Miller. I like the mystery and mood created by the fog revealing just a little bit of the trees. For me, the most interesting parts of the image are the bottom two thirds. So I would crop some on the left and the top of the image. Also, I suggest trying some local increased contrast, texture, and/or clarity on just the trees to set them apart from the fog.

Is this better? I think it is. I cropped a little off the left and top of the image as suggested and cooled the white balance a little

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Wow! let me guess - you were a bit more than excited to be standing there witnessing this!

This is fantastic! Such a wonderful moment in time with the fog and appearance of the aspens in fall splendor!

I really like this broad view… however, I think there is plenty of repeating info that a bold crop could really tighten up and showcase the experience. I went ahead and downloaded and cropped to offer an example crop that could work as an alternative. I also played around with some dodging and burning to emphasize that relationship between the fog and the trees.

Not sure if this is an improvement, but for sure you have the makings of a great image - cropped or not!


Thank you so much Lon for your thoughtful critique! Yes I was more than excited to see all this fog. That morning I discovered my tripod was broken and so I was shooting it all handheld, so I was free to move around and try different compositions and not waste time messing around with my tripod head.
I definitely think your version looks better than mine so thanks for taking the time to work on it.