At my morning walk

The weather , the light, the season, it all came together this early morning.

Specific Feedback Requested

All feedback is more than welcome as always !

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No


Gorgeous, Ben. What an amazing place to go for a morning walk. The opening in the background looks like it is a window on the world. Beautiful image, thanks for sharing with us.

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My! Mesmerizing. This puts me in mind of some Alice-in-Wonderland landscape. But then this is landscape photography.

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This is beautiful Ben, the keyhole view through the trees is wonderful. The light in this image is warm and gentle, creating a very painterly look. I also think te composition is very well balanced. This is a nitpick, but I think the gap to the right of the tree trunk at the right center edge is a minor eye magnet. If this were mine I would clone over that gap, to make it look the trunk continues. Or conversely I would have composed wider to show more space to the right, depending on what was there.

Always glad you like my images, Linda. Thank you !

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@Ed_McGuirk ,Ed, I have to go against the master. :smiley:To me the gap gives balance to the image.I did try cutting of a portion on the whole right side.But that also didn’t work for me. Thanks again for your always valued time and suggestions.

I am no master by any means, just offering an opinion. My first choice would have been to compose slightly wider, for some extra room on the right.

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Beautiful light and great framing. I’m not bothered by the presence of the space on the right. Rather, the darkness of the tree trunk serves more to create the contrast with the subtle brightness peeking through the branches. And I agree that the tree on the right with spacing between the branches does provide some balance to the scene to my eye. So to my eye, the only imbalance is the visual weight of the shadows in the sizable tree to the right. So a different approach (only if you Ben find there is imbalance) would be to dodge the darkness of the shadows and lift them a bit…then the brightness may not as readily appreciated.

PS: It looks like Yoda looking back at me through the “window”! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

@Jim_McGovern , Jim, a bit late reply, but thank you for the attention and remarks you gave to my image.

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