At the dunes

An overcast day

After a long hot summer

Some coolness at last

Specific Feedback Requested

All feedback is more than welcome

Technical Details


Hi Ben, this is a wonderful scene. Nice soft light, just a trace of mist/fog. I really like the sloping up to the hill too. Excellent.

This has a nice mood to it. I like how you added space to the left of all those trees. It feels as though they’re struggling to keep from going downhill. The colors are gentle as befits the mood. Good job.


And again, and again, and again, you continue capturing and creating wonderful images where light reigns supreme. And in this case, the light is so very soft, which has had a direct impact on the grasses and the scene as a whole. Colors are soft and subdued. I just love this.

I do like the open space on the left, but have mixed feelings on keeping that blank overcast sky in that corner. Haven’t tried a crop yet. But the good news is that I think the misty trees on the left and including the extension of the grassy slope, are important enough that I can’t see cropping out the sky.

Just love the light, the mood and atmosphere here. Beautiful work Ben!


Another beautiful photo! I love the colors and softness in the grasses. The mist in the background blends in so well with the whole gentleness that is portrayed here. Your lighting is superb as always. Just wonderful!

Hi Ben,
it is really nice mood and tone. I am wondering what will be like if you put more on the top, redurting space on the bottom. But beautiful image anyway!

@David_Bostock , @Igor_Doncov , @Lon_Overacker , @Donna_Callais , @jungyook .What can I answer to all your positive comments.
I did try different cropping . This one was the best to my taste. But everybody’s taste is personal . Therefore ,thank you all very much.

Hey Ben. What a peaceful scene. Really well done, mate. I love how you have clearly worked on a cohesive composition and made an effort to separate out the trunks of the trees to help them stand alone. That’s not always easy to do. The curve of the land is a nice touch as well. On the separation part, if I had to be nit picky, the branches of the tree group on the left and the group on the right overlap slightly. Is it enough to be distracting? No, absolutely not and I don’t feel that it takes away from the image at all, however, it is nice to always be aware of those things. Love the shot and it was a great way to start my day… drinking coffee and looking at this photo.