Colorful dunes

When the air is cold
While nature so colorful
Find some gloves to wear

Specific Feedback Requested

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Technical Details

Is this a composite: No

This one is a real beauty, Ben. Love the gentle colors and delicate scene. Maybe burn down the bright branch left edge about 1/3 from the bottom? Excellent image!!!

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Yep, great colour and light. Very complex. I love the way it opens up top right and left. Stunning.

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Excellent framing and positioning here. The light is so soft as a nice contrast to the tree. Nicely done.


Magnificent. It’s the tree of life. Love the restraint in the usage of color. Such gentle light which gives the tree a glow.

Ben, the subtle colors and subtle light look great. It’s a complex scene that invites viewing over and over as you discover new details.

The soft delicate light you captured here is magical and the subdued color palette is the perfect companion. I am enjoying this very much. That tree is quite lovely.

Gorgeous! Its wonderful to discover so much subtle color in what one might think is a colorless time of year. Well captured and presented!