Australian Honeyeater

Started with one of many honeyeater images.
Cloned and content-aware to remove parts of BG. Cloned other parts in.
Dropped original bird out, replaced with one with a better pose
Replaced eye for a better one, from same species
Oil painting/watercolor to BG
Viveza to bird to bring out structure and isolated colour.
Random streaks to BG
Played with saturation.

All comments and suggestions most welcome

You may only download this image to demonstrate post-processing techniques.

This is excellent. An intriguing mix of techniques to deliver a superb result.

I don’t venture into the art gallery very often but this is great.

This is gorgeous, Sandy. Excellent job on the bird and the perch. My only nit is a couple of small areas of the background. In the upper right quadrant, there are a couple of horizontal lines that interrupt the flow for my eye and in the upper left right along the edge are what look like a couple of tiny windows that just look out of place with the rest of the geometry. These are just my taste and the overall effect is great.

Thanks, Dennis - cleaned up, and also changed a few other areas with blips I didn’t like.

Perfect, Sandy. Great image.

Igor, try us out more often! It’s a lot of fun and the PA people come up with some really cool stuff!

Very Creative,
The only thing I might do is desaturate the BG a tad, it competes too much with the bird for me.

Just excellent. Reminds me of a Asian painting done on silk. No suggestions on improvement. Love it.