Autumn Dahlia Repost Provided

What technical feedback would you like if any? Let me know what you think about the colors and any other troubling features of this image.

What artistic feedback would you like if any?

Any pertinent technical details: D500 105 mm f2.8 (1/60 sec at f16, Iso 250) R1c flashes set at +0.7 and -0.3 ev. Handheld, slight crop

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This looks fine, Jim. The colors stand out well and the water drops add extra interest as well as providing balance for the center of the flower.

Hi Jim

This is a very nice portrait of the Dahlia. It has good color and detail. Any changes would be tweaking for sure.

You might consider cropping so that the dark areas in the upper and lower right corners no longer appear. Also, there is a white spot along the right edge of the flower. If you crop for the dark areas this should disappear too.

Frequently critiquing is also a matter of personal style. So the rest of this commentary is more personal style of what I would try. If you use lightroom, I would try to move the clarity slider down a little and see what this does to your flower. A similar effect in PS might be to do a bit of Orton ( I may have spelled that wrong). Also, if it was mine , I might play with the red hue a little and see what that does.

Good call from Kathy. Personally though, I would be happy if the white dot were made to disappear. Too much cropping on the right would upset the comp.

I like the overall composition with the center of the flower a bit off center. Nice colors; looks natural. Like the water drops. Didn’t notice the white dot until I read the other comments, but agree it should go.

Thank you for the critiques. The white dots have been removed…Jim