Autumn Waterfall

I came across this waterfall while exploring an area in the foothills south of Hinton, Alberta. Our fall colors in Alberta are basically yellow and green - we don’t get the range of colors more common on the east coast. What caught my eye, along with the waterfall, was the backlit Poplar trees.

Specific Feedback Requested

Any feedback welcome.

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
Canon 5D-IV, 80mm, f8, 1/80, iso 100
I used a combination of focus stacking and exposure time blending. I created the focus stacked base image then blended in bits of the waterfall from two additional long exposures (1/8 sec & 1 sec) to get the combination of silkiness and texture that I wanted.

Lovely image. One can tell that a lot of time and attention was put into the image. The white in the water really stands out as being different from the remaining water and even the entire image, which is warm. I personally wouldn’t want that but it appears that that was purposely done. Aside from that I think it’s a wonderful image

@Igor_Doncov A very valid point about the color of the waterfall. At one point in processing I think I was getting a bit too much color in the water - I think in correcting that I went too far. I will definitely address that.

Really nice image, Neil. I like the framing and shutter speed you chose. I agree with @Igor_Doncov about the color of the fall itself…


@Igor_Doncov @David_Bostock thanks again for the comments. I have reworked the image fixing the waterfall.

I like the composition, and the shutter speed’s effect on the water.

I actually prefer the look of the water in your original presentation. I think having the white water relatively cooler than the rest of the warm image creates a more interesting contrast.