We have a bumper crop of agapanthus this year. I like the buds as they open and spotted this one this morning as the dawn light filtered through some thin cloud cover.

Specific Feedback Requested


Technical Details

Minolta 200mm macro
ISO 400, 1/100 @ f16


Wow gorgeous light for sure. I like the DOF here - the natural fall off is great since the repetition of shapes lets our minds extrapolate the rest of the photo. I wish for more room at the top - it’s pretty tight, but the water drop is really a nice touch.

Oh wow, a real beauty, Bill. I love the shades of green. I’m not familiar with the flower, but it is really neat. The lighting works nicely. I agree with @Kris_Smith that a bit more room at the top would be nice. That one little water drop is a fine addition to an already nice image. Well done.

Pretty great image here, and what a cool looking plant!
My only feedback would that little blue spot upper right is a tad distracting, but others might find it complementary… something to consider!

You did justice to a very interesting subject! The tonalities are just gorgeous here! I love the composition but agree the top feels crowded.

As the others have said, this is just stunning, Bill. You have great light, wonderful composition, terrific DOF, and great processing. Awesome.