Back Yard Oak In Snow +RP

Any thoughts or critiques as to color, tones, or contrast are always welcome/

Nikon D-7100
Nikkor 16-85 @26mm
f-16 @1/80 ISO 200
Minimal processing except for TK Darks mask to pull tree trunk detail.

You may only download this image to demonstrate post-processing techniques.

This is a nice look at some snow packed trees. I might burn down the snow in the lower right quadrant. It seems to bright and stands out compared to the snowy branches toward the top of the frame.

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Hey Preston!

Nice to see a post from you. That’s quite the view you have off your back porch! The timing and lighting conditions were beautiful at the time of this capture.

Love the snow-laden trees and also the tonality of the passing storm clouds in the bg; colors are perfect.

I agree with Harley about the LRC snow - and will take it a bit further. For me, the primary interest is with the upper 2/3 of the image. I might be inclined to crop up from the bottom to eliminate most of the see-thru green bows and brighter snow in the bottom section. Not sure if that would be a better alternative, just my thoughts.


Awesome shot Preston, I love the contrast between the dark trunks and the beautiful white branches and the light is perfect. If possible I would try not to include the bush in the lower right but if not possible I would burn it a bit. It distracts from the gorgeous scene in the background IMHO.

Thanks for your comments and suggestions, everyone. I cropped this from the top a bit, and also from the bottom. I used a Lights mask to adjust the very bright areas of the snow.

Do you have any thoughts on this re-work? Thanks,

This looks good. The lower section of the tree really provides strength to the image to my eye. But those branches lower right do interfere. I think the repost is a better look.