Backcountry Battery Charging

I am wondering how you charge your camera batteries while out on an extended camping trip or backpack? I tried a small solar panel before but I found it ineffective because trees kept casting shadows on it and I constantly had to keep it moving.

Any ideas or product recommendations would be great!


Strap, or use velcro, to attach the solar panel to the top of your pack while you’re walking. Deep woods is going to be a problem, but if you are in and out of sunlight you should be OK.

Personally I just bring extra batteries, but if you want to charge I would get a Nitecore Charger (look for the Fuji one for you), and a small power bank like this, which would charge one of your batteries about 8 times.

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Hi Jean - I’ve also not had much success with the smaller solar panels that you can backpack with - and as per David’s suggestion I take spare batteries for my cameras and also a 20,000 mAH power pack that will recharge a camera battery as I walk. If I’m operating out of my truck during a trip I take along my large (100W) solar panel to recharge my Yeti 400 during the day while I’m out hiking … and that then recharges batteries and the portable power pack overnight.

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