Backlit Display

Central Florida
7D2, Sigma 150-600mmC@150mm, F8, 1/2000, -0.33 EC, ISO 800, handheld
Would more or less detail in the body work better?

David, I think you did a good job with it. The exposure on the display I think is the key component, and the backlight works great for it against the darker BG. Pretty close considering you were zoomed to full WA.

I’d say your choice of exposure on the bird works fine, Dave. A wonderful pose. You might look at darkening the already dark parts of the background as they have a slightly fogged look .

I really like the backlit composition here. The feather detail is remarkable and very pleasing. I agree with Dennis with respect to darkening the background. I’m wondering if there might not be a way to bring out a little more detail in the shaded plumage

This is one of those shots where back lighting really makes it. Ideally, the shaded feathers on the body of the bird could be brighter, and I also agree on the bg being a bit darker, but this is a shot I would be proud of as is, David.