More black plumage

While I was photographing the Great Blue Heron (posted today and the man on fauna critique gallery), this crow landed about 40 feet away. Midmorning sun with light behind my back. Shiny black plumage on crows especially, is very difficult to properly expose.

What technical feedback would you like if any?


What artistic feedback would you like if any?


Any pertinent technical details:

Iso-800, 500 mm F5 .6 PF, F8, 2000th, D 500, handheld, Adobe camera raw 11.2, TK sharpening action at 5%, full frame.

You may only download this image to demonstrate post-processing techniques.

Yes a really nice job of exposing the blacks effectively. It would have been nice to see the whole bird.

I think you did a fine job on the exposure in this one, David. There’s a very nice range of blacks in the plumage, just as there ought to be. A very nice portrait.

Nice David, I like the comp a lot with the bird coming our of the corner…
Exposure is terrific and you nailed the blacks to my eye.
Fun to shoot with some winter light in the northwest isn’t it?

Nice portrait! Seems to be giving you an “all knowing” look. Well caught and agree you did a great job on the blacks.

This is full frame! It landed too close to me…

This is great. I love everything about this image. DOF is just right, tack sharp, perfectly exposed, and a nice BG that has some character. Oftentimes when exposing properly for a black bird, the BG winds up being too bright, but you were lucky here. No nits from me. Really nice shot.