Backlit Spider with Moth

Taken 5 minutes ago in bright afternoon sun…

iso 64, 105mm macro at f9, 80th, D850, handheld, 40% of full frame, ACR 10.5, Topaz Adjust, TK sharpening action at 20%


David, I thought I’d commented on this view, but since it’s not here, it must have been a dream…

The translucent spider, especially her abdomen and legs are great. Seeing her prey clearly is good also. You’ve got just enough web to nicely fill the view.

I believe you commented on a similar image I posted on NPN 1.0. So it was a very realistic dream. The current image was taken yesterday.

David, I had a bit of deja vu on this image. I have a banded leg spider shot from years ago in my own archives taken with 35mm gear…:sunglasses:

This is one of those nature scenes that’s not easy to find and capture. You’ve got this one with the addition of the moth being devoured as a meal by the spider along with some nice lighting on the subjects too…:cowboy_hat_face: