Backward Glance

An Arctic Tern that looks like it was looking back at me but was actually hovering and looking for fish in the river. Not a conventional pose but I really liked how it accented the shapes, curves and lines of the wings. These Terns have the most elegant wings and tail feathers of any bird that I am familiar with and it’s especially beautiful when seen from the back like this. I was also happy that I caught a piece of cloud in the frame as it adds a lot of interest to the scene.

Sony a6500, FE200600G @ 506mm, ISO-250, f/6.3, 1/4000, hand held, Cropped to ~35% of original frame for subject size and composition.

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Beautiful, Gary. the wing and tail positions and the lighting work very well with the head turn adding just the right additional touch to make this image work. It’s even on the right side of the cloud. In the larger version those wings are just superb.

I like this better when viewed large. Detail and depth of field is superb. The balancing of the white cloud with the bird really makes this work for me.

I totally agree with the other two gentlemen, Gary. When enlarged, this transforms from a really good image to a stunning image.

Unique pose for sure - really interesting. I like we can still see the catchlight in the bird’s eye. Well seen and taken.

Hi Gray
Looks like you photograph an angle, taking one last look on what is go on below.