Unusual Configurations

An Arctic Tern holding an unusual pose (it was stretching) for quite a long time on an unusual looking driftwood log. The background was also somewhat unusual as it was a collection of huge shale boulders from a local quarry that were stacked up and intended for use in construction of a new harbor facility.

[best when viewed large]

Sony a6500, FE200600GSM @ 600 mm, ISO-200, f/6.3, 1/3200, hand held.

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Gary, this is a most unusual position you captured this bird in, and I just love his perch. Wonderful details in both the bird and the perch, with a nice oof background.

Love the stretch or, perhaps, scratch and stretch? I also love the perch and the color palette of the photo. Tern is very sharp with great detail. BG is a little busy for my taste, but not much you could do there. Is that black area above the tern’s head (between the rocks) natural?

The birds pose seems to be mimicing the driftwood. What a wonderful capture Gary. Very nicely done.

I like how the twisted lines of the Tern somewhat mimic and continue the twisted lines of the branch.

Thanks, Lyle. The black areas are simply deep, dark, shadowed spaces between the huge boulders.

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A very interesting and artistic wing position, Gary. Did you send this one to modeling school? To my eye it looks as if the tern could be just a bit brighter.