Balance Bee Updated

Balance Bee

Lots of these cactus flowers with a number of bees quickly moving in and out of this flower. I just stood there for a few minutes waiting for a bee to just sit there a few seconds and this one was ok with a picture

Specific Feedback Requested

I did a square crop, the pre-crop showed mostly the cactus. Not sure what type of bee this is but they love the red cactus flowers

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
Canon 6D ii with the 180 Macro high speed shooting at 1/320 ISO 500 F/16. Considered using a tripod but this bees were just too quick.

Very nice, Dean. Those eyes are really sharp. I wish that white in the top right corner wasn’t there. I wonder if cropping in to just the flower would improve this. Still a great shot, with lots of details where needed.

Thanks @Shirley_Freeman , I wondered about that corner. I tried a crop but not sure if I lost too much of the flower. This was easier than removing the upper right corner white part.

This works for me, Dean. I was concerned about loosing too much of the flower too, but I think it looks fine. Now the bee gets all the attention.