Baltimore Oriole

What technical feedback would you like if any? Any

What artistic feedback would you like if any? Any

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Nikon D850
Sigma 150-600mm @600
ISO 900
crop 28% of original

Again like my scarlet tanagers post of a few days ago, I had not planned on posting this picture, but when I did a search to see other Baltimore oriole shots, I found that there were none, so I decided to put this up so that the species has some representation here.

We have so many Baltimore orioles this year. The trees seem to be full of them. I’ve never seen so many. I was set up to take bird in flight pictures, when this fellow happened by. That’s why my shutter speed and ISO are so high.

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A pretty bird. Nicely done on the exposure with some nice highlights showing off the bright color. I like the diagonal look back pose. Your post of the Baltimore Oriole is a nice way to show the difference between our much less common Bullock’s Oriole, which at one time was included as a Baltimore Oriole.

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I like the line of the bird in concert with the lines in the background. Nice composition and pose getting that catchlight. I agree with David that you did a good job with the exposure which looks natural to me. Beautiful color.

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Good color and superb pose. Nicely composed. Even a shallower depth of field with less detail on the bark would be another way to do this.

Beautiful pose and light on the Oriole, David. I also like the perch. The three trunk texture in the background is cool, bu a bit harsh-you might consider blurring it a trifle. Excellent image.