Baltimore Oriole


Description: Most of the adult orioles have left our property and there are 6 immatures that are left to fend for themselves. Yesterday, I spent part of the day reprogramming the Z9 and was able to properly use the off camera flash for fill. I think that I have achieved what I was trying to do and the image does look natural.

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Pertinent technical details or techniques:

Z9 600mm f4 (1/1000 sec at f9, ISO 2500) Topaz DeNoise AI, Levels, increased brightness by 0.6 ev, crop for comp.

There’s a nice sense of energy to the composition. Good detail and good use of the flash-wouldn’t have known without the disclaimer.

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Really nice look at this juvenile Baltimore Oriole. Although I grew up in the suburbs of Washington DC less than an hour from Baltimore, I frequently saw adult Orioles but I don’t ever remember seeing a juvenile. But I was just a kid back then.

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Nicely done, Jim. I wouldn’t have guessed you used flash. Good details in the bird and a nice bg. I have been chasing what is either a juvenile Baltimore or an adult female, but haven’t got it in the crosshairs anywhere near this nicely.

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Hi Jim
The fill really works on the photograph. The soft light helped to balance the yellow to black color range on the Orioles feathers. Nice head turn with great eye contact.
I compared this Oriole photo shot on the Z9 to the July 4 baby Oriole shot on the 850, both are sharp, but the 850 seems to have more of an analog in look. Not sure witch I like better?

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