Bare Trees


Any comments appreciated.

You may only download this image to demonstrate post-processing techniques.

I love the upward looking perspective. The trees almost seem like people and once I realized that the picture took on a whole different meaning. The fog at the top works well to keep the sky in check and also provides a nice visual treat.

Very nice work Dan.

This is quite a scene. I love the feel and those greens. The composition is very interesting. I’d experiment with cropping in from the top. To me, the main focus should be on the trees in the lower left.


I’m a little divided on this one. I really like the atmosphere and the upward point of view as someone has mentioned. What is also subtlely (word?) cool is how the sideways s-curve is repeated between the curve of the greens at the bottom and the curve of the horizon up top.

I would agree a slight crop off the top, if anything to remove the brighter areas on the top edge. And also maybe bring a little more emphasis back to the moss covered trees and lower part of the scene.

I guess I’m undecided because the two main areas of interest don’t seem connected. At least for me.


What an interesting image! I can completely see why you captured it. With the upward view and the strong vertical lines i’d almost suggest cropping this vertical with the left edge just inside the pines and the right side just inside the bare trunk. Really curious how that might look. The mood is fantastic and love the view point!

I just think this is excellent, one of your best images. If you’ve ever lived in Oregon you realize how well you’ve captured the essence of the place. These are moments we all treasure up there without some knowing it. It’s also a personal expression of the area, without the cliche waterfalls and surrounding ferns. I like it for those reasons. It won’t sell any calendars but that’s not what it’s about for me.

This is real nice, Dan. Great perspective and lots of interesting details. Good job making order out of chaos.