Oregon Backroads

A nice little terrace we found while driving through some back roads in the coastal mountains of south central Oregon.

What technical feedback would you like if any?


What artistic feedback would you like if any?


Any pertinent technical details:

24-70 2.8

You may only download this image to demonstrate post-processing techniques.

Hi Chris, A lovely scene and beautifully processed. For sure, there is a LOT to take in and explore in this image. I really like the warm light striking the trunk at the top, but am torn thinking it’s more of an eye magnet than it is an asset? Can’t decide. Also, the large dark-moss covered boulder right up front is kind of a big blocker.

I really like the greens, the cascades are wonderful and i especially like the water/reflections in the LR quadrant. I’m favoring the right half of this scene and wondering if a 3/5 crop of the right how that might look; but then the horizontal orientation is pretty appropriate here. It’s got me thinking about a lot of things, which takes me back to my comment, a lot going on here. I’m sure others will have a different view.


Hey, thanks! Yeah there was a lot that frustrated me about this scene after the initial excitement. You mention some of them. But try as I did. I just couldn’t get into a position that dealt with it all. I tried some tighter frames of the closer Cascades with the fallen log. But those didn’t speak to me once I had them up on the computer screen. I thought the little spotlight was cool, but considered it a possible distraction too. In the end, I chose to embrace it all. That is what it looks like out there, ya know?

I like this scene, Chris. The cascades have such beautiful flowing lines that I can see what drew you to this scene. I did find that the bare protruding branches above the cascade on the left side of the frame tended to pull my eye a bit in the large version, but as you say in your comment below that’s how it looks. It reminds me of a little roadside waterfall that I photographed along the Blue Ridge Parkway a few weeks ago where I had a hard time avoiding distracting elements in my composition. Overall I like how you arranged the elements in the scene and I think you have a beautiful image here.

It’s a very unusual image. As pointed out it seems to be busy. To me it looks like two images that are side by side, each with it’s own waterfall. Would it help to raise the shadows in the mossy thing in the middle so as to draw more attention to it? It does have a sort of dark personality that’s intriguing. I think that’s the issue. That central moss covered rock fragments the composition. There are many lovely components to this image but do they hold together? Actually the more I look at this the more I appreciate it’s complexity.

Thanks Chris - yeah, I suspect you went through all those machinations and I should have mentioned, but I think you did the scene justice given the chaotic nature…