West Meets East

Another image from my trip to the redwoods last month. This one has a bit of an oriental look to it, hence the title. The original had more branching up above which I decided confused the message.

All suggestions for improvement are welcome.


Igor, I just like this image. Because you mention the branching up above. I seems a bit cut off to me now. So maybe you should put it on again ?

A very pleasing atmosphere you have created with your view through the trees it looks very natural and unprocessed and more importantly with a shot like this gently composed with no obvious regard to rules that might make it seem contrived. I like it very much.

This looks really good, Igor. I find it a very zen image, quiet and contemplative. I would consider cropping off the right a bit to remove most of the tree coming in from the side (and maybe clone the rest). Very well seen and executed, it works very well.

Here is the original with minor modifications:


I prefer the cropped version.

Igor, This looks better to me. I also like that this one is a bit lighter and maybe therefore shows more depth.

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I like the misty light and high key look. I agree with Harley regarding cleaning up the right edge. I also prefer the OP.

Love this one, Igor, as I am a sucker for anything that looks Asian. It also looks very fresh and spring like, which is refreshing this time of year. Lots of atmosphere, very well composed and processed. I prefer the original post.

Igor, I’m really enjoying this! Beautiful work with such a wonderfully nature feel. For me it is excellent just as you posted it. Love images like this and this one is great with it’s fantastic feel and mood.


Love this.

I wish I would have thought of this. In my own words, there are times to be critical and analyze a scene, a composition. Then there are times to simpley sit back, enjoy and appreciate. This is a time for the latter.

Well done. Beautifully seen and captured.


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Igor in my opinion the tree on the hard right is the most interesting part of the scene and it draws my eye far more than the intended subject of the foreground trees. I love the atmosphere and separation but wish the subject was stronger and composition more evenly weighted. Processing and light is on point.

I like how the two trees form an archway over the scene. The mood created by the fog is also nice. Your processing here looks great.

This just has a very calming and soothing feel to it with the lush greens and the atmospherics with the fog. The title is appropriate and works very well with the two trees leaning towards one another. This makes for a very contemplative image. My only suggestion would be the already mentioned cropping of the tree along the right edge. Beautifully done.

Great moody atmospheric image. Also great title. I always seem to be a contrarian, but I actually prefer the uncropped version.

I agree. It’s close. I mostly don’t like that dark matter in the ulc. And it would require a crop off the right side as well.

I prefer the original. I would only clone out the tiny branches in the two upper corners. Very nice image.

Can’t be done. Not by me anyhow. Not the left ones.

Really nice job of capturing a sense of place here Igor. In my one visit to Redwoods NP i was blessed with foggy conditions like this, and just walking through the forest in the fog was a near-religious experience, it was so awe inspiring.

I prefer the original, more panoramic presentation. I love your processing here, it creates a wonderful mood. I’m with Lon, this is one of those images that deserves to simply be enjoyed without overthinking composition, processing etc.

I love the cropped version, framing and moodiness. I find it cooling.