Barents Sea

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Hi Jorma,
Your image really catches my eye. I like the various hues of blue, and I like the horizontal-ness (if that is a word) of this. It is kind of abstract. I can see this hanging on a wall.

I would like to hear how you captured this, the backstory, and some of the EXIF info about your settings.

Wow Jorma, the colors are surreal. Lovely, simple composition. So simple yet says so much.

Like @Mark_Muller, I’d love to hear more about the capture and your camera settings.

I’m really liking this. Great minimalist abstract. :vulcan_salute:

Thank you guys for the nice feedback. This is shooted 2008 in Northern Norway with a Canon 20D and 70-200/4L lens at 200mm hand held. Iso 200 / f5

Exceptional! So much in so little.

This is an image that trancends from representative to artistic. The sea is still the sea, but that part of the image goes beyond and enters a realm of color, serenity, and what the viewer wants it to be. The sky does the same. The combination is even more. I’ve gone back several times now and it never gets old.

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This is very nice.
Nice and simple.

I couldn’t have said it any better than Paul did.

The glow on the horizon is just beautiful.

Lovely image. Just gradations of blues and pinks. Very artsy.

Sometimes less is more and that certainly is the case with this image, Jorma! I like the range of blues along with the warm glow along the horizon in this minimalist abstract. Very nicely done.

Great image, simple and strong with its colors and light.

… one of my favourite quotes is ‘Simplicity is Art’. This shows why. Nicely done :clap: