Battle of giants

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Image Description

This photo I took in one of the parks visited during my trip to Samburu. It was an unexpected moment of action and I’m glad I had the presence of mind to take my super tele :sweat_smile:

Solio Game Reserve, Kenya

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Gorgeous! The perfect moment, with the dust framing that eye so well! I love the framing, detail and toning!

A killer frame and to be able to capture the expression in the eye is so awesome !
You may increase some mid-tone contrast.

Love seeing the eye amidst all the dust. Well seen and executed!

Ingrid: what’s not to like about a stunning photo. The one eye in the clear while the scene is surrounded by the dust created by the battling animals is a visual treat. Richard

Hi, Ingrid - this is a gorgeous image. Great action and detail, and the sharp eye amidst the dust anchors the image.