Bear Creek Stream

I explored this stream for the first time yesterday. It is part of the outflow of Lake Aleeda where I live. 10 miles down from the lake it has some ferocious rapids and cascades/falls (for this pat of the country anyway)which I tried to photograph most of the 3 hours I was there but found this small scene the most interesting out of all of it. The swirl in LLC draws me up along this soothing little drop. I seem to be drawn to smaller scenes over larger ones. Of course in north eastern PA there are not a lot of grandscapes to begin with.

Specific Feedback Requested

Any and all… but I cannot seem to get equal boarders around a cropped image, any suggestions, uggh??

Also, I enjoy this image but I wonder if this resonates with others… honestly a keeper or delete!

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
200 mm, f/22, 0.4 sec, iso 100

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Photoshop, Image > Canvas Size and this dialog box pops up. Set the Width and Height to Pixels and give them the same amount. This will give you a uniform border. You can change the color of the border in the color picker below too.

Ferns Screenshot 2021-06-17 083903

I think your image is a keeper. I like the color combination of greens and browns, and I like the wave patterns in the ULC. Your processing looks to be right on the money for my taste too. My suggestions would relate to composition. I could see a slight crop from the bottom, the water there is not adding much to the image IMO. I also think the way the rocks get cut off on the right edge doesn’t work great. I would either crop in tighter on the right, or go back and re-shoot this, giving it more breathing room on the right (assuming there are no nasty distractions there).

I love this image, Mario. This is exceptional and one of the best images I’ve seen from you. The subtle use of colors, which are present yet not overpowering. It’s a very artistic image in that it expresses the subject without literally looking like it. I wouldn’t change a thing. I thought a small crop to omit the llc would be good but realized that that lightness in that corner actually helps the image and not detracts from it. Excellent work in my opinion.

I really like this image. Love the flow of the image and the nice colors.
For my eyes, the shutter speed is spot one
On the other side I have to agree with @Ed_McGuirk , is a little tight one the right side.
Definitely a Keeper.

Thanks @Ed_McGuirk @Igor_Doncov @joaoquintela for the comments and suggestion. I also thought the lack of space on the right at the rock was suboptimal for the composition…problem is that it is as shot and the rock just keeps going off to the right. In the field the composition did not work including the end of the rock so there you have it.

I am pleasantly surprised you all enjoy the image as I really was hesitant to post it thinking…who would make a photo of such an isolated small scene on a stream with large cascades and waterfalls…I guess the devil is in the details sometimes.

@Ed_McGuirk Also Ed, thanks for the primer on boarders. I was trying to do it in LR in the print module…a nightmare for me if you crop a photo. Photoshop is simple to do this in cropped or not. One of these days I will start learning photoshop.

Thought I would give a shot at the rock and giving the space. What do you think @Ed_McGuirk @Igor_Doncov @joaoquintela

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