Beaver Pond & Hut

This beaver pond & hut was photographed during a summer sunrise near Teton NP. When I’d visited the site late one afternoon I did not recall seeing the reflection, but the sunrise did provide a nice reflection of the hut in the pond.

Wista DXIII 4x5 - Schneider APO 150mm lens - Velvia 50 QL.

Took a few looks… where’s the reflection of the mountain??? :thinking: :roll_eyes: Ahh, there it is, the beaver hotel!

Not sure if we’re supposed to critique here or not, but to me the surrounding greenery seems like a good half stop or so dark. But then again, it’s just as the sun came up, so is probably pretty accurate.

Excellent image Paul

Paul the shape mimicry between the beaver lodge and the peak in the distance is quite striking. The reflection of the lodge and how it’s positioned between the bits of green is a fine addition.

In response to Lon’s question, I think that limited suggested improvements are appropriate in this gallery. Note that WC is described as a critique gallery.

Thank you each for your comments as always.

@ Lon, the point you make about some trees being a bit dark I think just maybe is related to the scattered cloud cover and spotty lighting breaking through. At least from what I can see with even the distant BG and some of that same scattered light.