Bee and Cactus


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The photographer is looking for generalized feedback about the aesthetic and technical qualities of their image.


Walk in Sedona remembering spring

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Technical Details

Lumix g9

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Very nice! Good detail on the bee and lovely DOF. It feels crowded at the top – if you cropped, do you have more canvas there? Otherwise, it would probably wouk well to add a bit and do a content-aware fill. You might need a little clone cleanup but it looks like a good possibility. If you want to keep the aspect ratio, a bit could come off the bottom.

Ooh this is really intriguing. First the colors are so complementary - I love the soft sage greens and the bright pink of the flower. Good focus on the bee, too. She looks like these keep her and her sisters busy. Agree that more room on the top would make this feel more purposeful and contemplative.

Steve: Fantastic image! I can only ditto Diane and Kris regarding the top needing some more room but this is a wonderful presentation. Most excellent. >=))>

Thanks @_Kris, @Bill_Fach , and @Diane_Miller
I expanded the top
What do you think?

Significantly better!

YES!!! The plant has breathing room now and the flower is in a much more relaxed place in the composiiton!