Bee getting Water - What to do

It was 104 in Victorville CA when I was there and my brother water system just watered. So the bees came around looking for water. I like the way the bee landed on this leaf but of course they land in the most odd area where distractions are in the way. I do do the post process again just to practice so do not mind doing that.

Specific Feedback Requested

I uploaded a photo as shot, I do not like the big leaf in front. So I uploaded 2 other options. One removed the left and I had to use another part of the photo to put something where the left was. The second photo is what I ended up. Since the bee is the subject this one might be best. What do you think? The 3rd photo was putting that leaf behind he leaf the bee is on. So just looking to see what others thought. I was not able to move in a better position otherwise I would have

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
Canon 90D Canon 100-400 ii 1/320 f/16 ISO 500 HH.


I really like the close up one the best! You got such nice detail in the bee, it’s best to see it close up! That’s just my opinion. Great capture!

Wow, you were working in some right warm weather, Dean. Very nice details in the bee. I think my favorite is the second shot. As you noted, the leaf is in the way on the first one. To me, on the third shot, the leaf behind the bee and to the left, seems to want to take my eye down to the bottom of the frame, mainly because it is in focus, and the lines lead the eye. Very nice details and color in the bee.

Thanks @Shirley_Freeman , that is what I was thinking as well with the 3rd shot and also maybe too busy.

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Fantastic detail in the bee, Dean. The third one is definitely my favorite. Very nicely seen and captured.