Critique Style Requested: Standard

The photographer is looking for generalized feedback about the aesthetic and technical qualities of their image.


Seen recently at the local botanic gardens.

Specific Feedback

Should I crop more from the left removing the small petal?

Technical Details

Canon 90D, 70-200 f2.8L IS II, 1.4 x extender II
ISO 2500, f8, 1/2000s, hand held

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I immediately thought, yes, that petal could be cropped out. So difficult to catch these in flight - maybe a more closed shutter would have caught perfect focus on the face. It’s a super background, and a nice shot.

Nice shot! After considering the little leaf, I decided that it’s fine. Adds a touch of interest. The bee could be a little sharper, but even that’s okay. The background is lovely.

(I’m looking at this on my iPhone; I’ll look at it on my computer later, but doubt my comments will change!)

Oh nice coming in for a landing shot! I can never get these. She looks reasonably sharp and I like the wing blur. The little leaf can go…if there were more of them I’d say keep it, but the one feels awkward and attention-grabbing where we dont’ want it. Excellent job.

Allen, the 1/2000 of a shutter speed was a good selection in this shot, as I love the little show of motion in her wings. She is fairly sharp to my old eyes. Love the angle of the flower coming in too. I debated the one leaf, and I think by it being so close to the edge of the frame, and only the one, it might be better if it goes, but to me, not a deal breaker. That smooth BG really makes the flower and the bee pop. I like the bee’s position too.

If you actually had the connection to the stem, I’d say keep the leaf, Allen. As it is, I wouldn’t miss it if it goes. The sharpness of the bee is good enough for most purposes. The hairs on the back look good, so it’s just the slight softness of the eye. Didn’t somebody come out with insect eye AF lately? You’d think that kind of thing would be a no-brainer firmware update.

Allen, catching this bee just at touch down (or take off) makes a great photo. I like the extra complication that the leaf adds. In fact, if you have space, I would shift the entire subject slightly to the right in the frame. If you remove that leafe, you might as well go to a vertical crop with just the flower head and the bee.

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Honeybee is nice and sharp and the flower looks good. Just tweak the crop to remove the leaflet. It doesn’t bother me as the subject is fairly strong in the comp…Jim

Very nice, and color-coordinated subject and perch with a harmonious BG color. I’d crop the leaf. It looks like you might be able to go with a 1:1.