Honey Bee

Photo taken a week or so ago in my back yard early one morning. 5D4, 100mm macro, f/5.6, 1/100, ISO 800. tripod. I cropped from full frame to 16 x 9 to cut back on flowers in top of frame. Als a couple distractions removed from ULC and LRC. both removed in PS otherwise LR.

What technical feedback would you like if any?


What artistic feedback would you like if any?


Pertinent technical details or techniques:

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David, this is really a nice shot. The details in the bee are fantastic. I don’t know why, but I am bothered by the green trip at the edge on the oof flower top left. Wondering if cropping that out might keep the viewer’s eye on that beautiful subject. I might would even crop some of the left off, if it were my image. Very nice shot as presented.

Beautiful photo of the bee David. Love the detail in his eye and “fur” around the legs and upper body. I would agree with Shirley about the distraction of the flower in the upper left. Perhaps cropping or cloning (content aware) techniques would help a bit. Just a thought. Really nicely done.

Thanks @Shirley_Freeman and @linda_mellor . That flower up there was a darn nuisance but I liked the nice side profile of the bee. It would have been a pretty easy crop to pull down that top left corner and remove the green strip and most of the space on left side. Oh well, and that is why we post on a critique forum.


David, the details in the bee stand out beautifully. It’s pink and green surroundings are also beautifully inviting. I like how you focus on the bee but include enough around her to show that it’s a garden scene. You can clone pink from the flower into the green bit to make it go away and then compare the two versions to see which one you like best.

Thanks @Mark_Seaver.
Here is another option that removes the little green strip at top left and the non descriptive left hand side Shirley referred to. I am just headed out on a road trip and hopefully will have a chance for something small and interesting.

David: Just a terrific capture of the bee and I love the perch. For me the entire white flower is a huge eye draw and IMO doesn’t add anything positive to the image. I cropped this a lot tighter and did some content aware. A subject this well captured deserves all the attention. >=))>

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Hi David, wonderful details on the bee throughout - well done. I agree with Bill’s comments and like his repost. A fine image.

David, Excellent capture. Love the details on the bee. Bill’s rework on removing the left upper corner distractions make this an even better image.

Thanks Bill. Looks great on my phone. I am not used to this amount of crop so am glad quality held up.