Bee Waiting for Butterflies update

The butterflies like this plant and so do the bees. I have not seen very many bees this month, the 115 degrees today did not help. Is the OOF area in the lower left a distraction

Specific Feedback Requested


Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
Canon 90D Canon 100-400 ii at 300mm f/16 1/640 with diffused flash. Not sure if I used the 500D or now on this one, Metadata does not show that.

Dean, what a lovely flower, love the color of it, and you really nailed the focus on that bee. I can image 115 degrees being a discouragement for the bees to be out. Humans too!

I think if it were my image, I would try a crop off the bottom to remove the oof flower as well as the dark area at the bottom. That will probably make this more of a pano composition if you did that, but I think it might work. If it was just the flowers down there, I might would try to either darken a bit, or blur some more. It really is an excellent image as is.

Thanks @Shirley_Freeman . I remove the areas you noted and also cropped from the bottom a bit. This looks better now for me.

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Really beautiful image, Dean! Great suggestions from @Shirley_Freeman as this updated crop really is an amazing improvement that I didn’t even see when I saw the first image! I didn’t think it could get any better! Nice job with the bee perfectly positioned with the flowers!

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Oh, that looks good to me Dean. It was already a nice image, but it seems even better now.