Behold the Turtle

Critique Style Requested: Standard

The photographer is looking for generalized feedback about the aesthetic and technical qualities of their image.


It is hard to sneak up on a turtle, and although I’m sure this one heard me, it cooperated and posed beautifully for a photograph.

Technical Details

ISO 640
1/180 sec

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Oh don’t I know it! Turtles can spook so easily, snapping turtles especially which is weird to me as they are basically unkillable after a certain size.

Anyway…I like the over the shoulder pose here. Nice sharpness in the face - don’t these guys look noble somehow? Even with all the muck on the shell. Love the flash of red below in the skin and plastron. Seems a tad over-sharpened to my eye - did you apply to just the turtle? That’s what it looks like. I like the background and the square crop. Oh and it seems a bit on the cyan side - the highlights on the head and shell look green.

Thank you for your response, Kristin. I did just sharpen the turtle and thought I went too far, but I wanted another opinion. Thanks for confirming! I’ll also look at the colors on the highlights. I appreciate your feedback.

I love that head turn with the “smile” on the face, Jennifer. A wonderful catch and lovely composition.

Thank you!

A lovely photograph of a turtle. I like how you’ve dealt with the color and the light. The color is just right, especially the green stripes on its face and the russet under it’s shell. And the soft rim light outlining the shell and head, with a front light low to the right, is well-balanced. And the way you’ve placed its head against the dark reflection in the water draws my attention right to it. Well done.

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Jennifer, this is an excellent look at this turtle, where the head turn against the darker reflection adds a lot of interest. I also like the mix of greens throughout the view

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This is wonderful Jennifer; almost as though the turtle was showing off and posing for you. I agree with @_Kris about the turtle looking a little over sharpened, but that is minor. I love the fact that it almost seems to be smiling and is pleased with itself. Very nicely done.

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