Bison don't read + cmt

I always get a kick out of finding animal tracks in the bacterial mats around Yellowstone’s hot springs, largely because of the signs saying “stay on the boardwalk” and “don’t mark the bacterial mats”. I’ve seen Bison, Elk, Wolf, Bear and occasionally human tracks in these “forbidden” places. This view is part of the runoff from Doublet Pool in the upper geyser basin, where I was enjoying the colors and the scattered bits of sinter.

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Mark, there is only one thing that bothers me in this image and that is how close the track is to the UL corner there. I would say that this image is probably one of the best I have seen in the past few months.

Very cool looking image, Mark. I would have not have been able to guess what this was without your description. I am enjoying the diagonals in this miniature landscape both in the tracks and the bands of color in the runoff. I like @Adhika_Lie’s suggestion of a little more room in the ULC. Great job here.

I also never would have guessed what I am looking at, but it makes a really good abstract. I would agree with Adhika about the top edge, maybe add a little canvas? Either way, a fine take from Yellowstone.


Wonderful nature abstract. I too would have been hard pressed to figure this one out. I’m assuming the white things sticking above the surface are the “scattered bits of sinter” and if so, I’m having a hard time picking up any “tracks” or prints - perhaps the faded what patterns below mid line? No matter, this is pretty cool and a great find.


Oops, seems from the replies that more explanation is in order… The bison tracks are the paired thin white, ~semi-circles along the bottom of the frame. Those come from the two separate halves of each hoof.

Very nice! I love the simplicity of this and yes, I too got a kick of seeing all of the animal tracks in off-limits areas in Yellowstone when I visited last month. Too bad I didn’t think to photograph them!