Bixby Creek Bridge

What, another bridge? But of course.

In 2017 due to landsides taking out US1 to the north and the south, Big Sur, California essentially became an island with access only from the back cutting through on rough roads from the 101. One of our favorite hotels stayed open and many of their employees walked a couple of miles to and from the closest place to park with the belongings in a pack for a few days or weeks of work. There is employee housing, luckily, and many supplies were brought in by truck and then walked in. Some by helicopter as were we as guests - the hotel packaged the flight and set menus for all meals as well as the usual top notch accommodations. We figured what the heck, we’d never get the chance to fly in a helicopter again. We helped drink down their wine cellar for a few days!

I’ve driven over this bridge many, many times, but have never seen it from this vantage. It was really special.

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Handheld in a tiny, 2-passenger helicopter.


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Wow, what an experience! And those employees were dedicated, for sure. This might be cool as a b&w.

Thanks, @Bonnie_Lampley - yeah it was pretty cool. So far my only helicopter ride!

I think I tried it as a monochrome, but couldn’t leave off the color of the ocean.

This is totally cool! We’ve flown by it more than once but not sure I’ve ever shot it from the air. Somewhere I had old shots from the ground but all the old film archives went up in one of the northern CA fires – coincidentally in 2017.

Cool to shoot from a helicopter, but they have too many moving parts.

Thanks, @Diane_Miller - yeah, they are complex contraptions, aren’t they? Still, I was psyched to experience it. 2017 wasn’t a kind year for a lot of people. Sorry your lost your archives and anything else precious.