Black-bellied Plover

I can’t remember if bird was landing or taking off. It could have been either as it was a bit windy.


R5, 500mm +1.4, f/5.6, 1/2000, ISO3200, a vertical cropped to 47% from a horizontal.

Specific Feedback Requested:

Any. It took me a while to get the noise under some control.

Pertinent technical details or techniques:

Is this a composite?

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Excellent pose and perch. Detail on head is spot on. I think f6.3 would have got you a tad more sharpness on the chest and wings. But I am well aware of the light level issues.

Tough light to shoot in but you nailed him. Like the inferred action in the shot. Well done.

Beautiful colors! I love the motion and the wood the bird is landing/taking off on/from! Nice that he’s looking at you too!

Nice shot, David. I like the stretching, looks like a yoga pose and the old pylon it is on. The black wing pit is interesting.

Excellent moment well captured and processed! From the look ahead, I’d bet he is taking off. I love the raised foot.

Beautiful to see all the patterns on the wing ! Quite unusual pose, but all the more interesting for that ! Well exposed. Cheers, Hans